Treasure, Magic Items, and Relics

The following are house-rules I plan on using for D... more
It occurred to me this morning in the shower that certain magic items should have a little extra something extra. Full disclosure: I watched The Beastmaster again last night.... more
This article was directly inspired by Jeff Rients' post here. Legend calls it Suffoglyd the Impatient, also referred to as the misanthropic blade. The magic bastard sword in... more
To help promote Gamma Turquoise, I'm showcasing the d100 random table containing artifacts from a bygone age. Every time the PCs search for treasure (because it's a monster's... more
Created by a sorcerer living in the Meyang dynasty, the gong was fashioned from the bronze statue of a demon named Tzema'ak. Tzema'ak was worshiped as the god of prophecy,... more
Black Rainbow is a named +3 bastard or two-handed sword fashioned out of iridescent jet and magically sealed by the sorcery of Saigon the sphere-walker. This mystic blade... more
Centuries ago, this unique magic item was forged by the renowned witch Organyss to keep her sisters in line. When one of Organyss' sisters displeased her, she clamped the... more
These rare and magical garments are fashioned from the rainbow silk of giant spiders, fibers found only in the Shadow Plane of Tharr. Such cloaks radiate a kaleidoscopic... more