Rites, Rituals, and Sorcery

This article is auspicious since it's just about time I made efforts to solidify my own Devil's bargain for another 13 years. Every 13 years, a sorcerer must renew his pact... more
In the previous aeon, when sorcery was inextricably linked with the darkness of the void and the cold, reptilian cruelty of our former snake-men masters, ephemeral twin was born... more
I was reminiscing about the session of D... more
This intricate 3rd level invocation calls forth a great multitude of alien weavers from their shadowy dimension. Once summoned, these creatures create any woven item the sorcerer... more
The spell's inventor, Jaevyn, discovered these alien spheres during his travels through dimensions no sane man should ever witness. This was years before he was hanged for... more