Monsters, Villains, and Childish Gods

Kra'adumek is what they call the city of the Purple Demon-Worm... and, by extension, the beast itself is also named. It arrived on Cha'alt nearly a century ago, when the... more
Bosses have dudes working under them, right? These could be henchmen, underlings, cultists, servants, bodyguards, minions, followers, apostles, disciples - you get the idea. Hmm... more
I've just re-watched the entire original series of Jonny Quest. One of my favorite episodes is called "The Invisible Monster." It left a strong impression on me as a child... more
One of the things that makes watching toddler entertainment tolerable is nostalgia. If I have to watch an animated show meant for little kids, then it should be something cool... more
I can't claim ownership of this name or idea. Forced to watch the Disney Jr. television show Jake and the Neverland Pirates, I saw this little character named King Zongo. He was... more
Haven't seen the movie (I'm sure it's right up there with The Godfather and Bio-Dome), but I do know an awesome new monster when I see one. Zombie beaver, you're ready to do... more
Voila, the Pumpkin Giant - with stats for 5E by Luka Rejec huge giant, chaotic neutral Encounter: 1, 1d8 in hell-pumpkin crater AC: 13, HP: 100 (10d12 + 35), Speed 40,... more
A Halloween gift from our game table to yours, especially for all you parents out there... In the costume selection process for my boys, one in particular caught the eye of my... more
The verge fungoid is a shambling, lavender grey-green humanoid-shaped plant, similar to strains of violet fungus. These creatures grow in magic-rich places. They are... more
Re-watching Phantasm II the other day, this little critter got my RPG juices going. It's something out of Stuart Gordon's From Beyond with just touch of John Carpenter's The... more