Disorganized Play: Adventuring in Torth

Somewhere in Quorrah Semir, the subterranean drow city of Torth, there's a dark elf who's hard at work. Denzen has been consulting books, drow elders, his desert alchemist... more
I'm happy to announce that Revelry in Torth has just been released. PDF now, probably another week or so before a print version is available on DriveThruRPG and Amazon. This... more
Jeff Brown did an absolutely terrific job bringing the city of Aryd's End to life. Aryd's End is one of the largest cities in Torth - a world that's still paying for the grave... more
Shared campaign settings can link disparate gamers living in other states and countries. There's a sense of belonging and verisimilitude. Torth is Draconic Magazine's community... more