Campaigns, World Building, and Character Development

Why do they do it? Have you ever thought about why wizards follow the brash warrior and foolhardy thief into the dungeon? When a peasant's mind is full of questions, that is... more
I was reading some of the RPG reviews on my friend Thilo's endzeitgeist site, particularly this one... and I had an idea. Why not create a multi-category random table to... more
The majority of NPCs in fantasy RPGs will be peasants - poor, cowardly, degenerate, covered in shit, and nearly worthless when it comes to mighty deeds, conjuring firestorms, and... more
Dungeon Crawl Classics has definitely left a mark on the hobby, and I have no doubt that Mutant Crawl Classics will do the same. DCC is one of the few OSR games that's come... more
The B/X Blackrazor blog inspired me to come up with this little table. My first thought was: bonus content for Alpha Blue, but this table is applicable to a wide variety of... more
The Game Master should try to be as objective as possible (most of the time). Specifically, when he has knowledge that the characters he's managing, the NPCs, don't have. An... more
The World Walker, also known as Sphere Strider, is a new character class for Crimson Dragon Slayer. I'm posting the write-up here, in celebration of Crimson Dragon Slayer day (... more
"The purple islands are not done with me, nor have I finished with them." The beautiful half-elf Thyreen ran wild and free upon the purple islands only a year ago. She was... more
She's damaged goods. At least, that's what her ex-pimp used to say about her. Maybe that's why she put a short sword into his ribs. Natazah has been on the purple islands... more
I was inspired by reading RPGpundit's latest blog post. Aside from good/evil/neutral and law/chaos/neutral, why not borrow from Team America: World Police? Yes, I'm suggesting... more
A couple years ago, I ordered some old weird DVDs from Sinister Cinema. So naturally, they send me a quarterly catalog filled with forgotten gems both horrendous and sublime (... more
Progressive Character Generation by Tod Foley It has become popular in modern RPGs for GMs to accept all sorts of creative input from Players. In some games, even details... more