Witch Shackles

Centuries ago, this unique magic item was forged by the renowned witch Organyss to keep her sisters in line. When one of Organyss' sisters displeased her, she clamped the shackles on, preventing them from interfering in her Great Work.

Those chained to the witch shackles are incapable of using magic. Only a key created at the time of the shackles' making can release a witch from their ruinous hold. When freed, their use of magic returns.

Organyss forged seven keys along with the shackles because she feared they would be turned against her by one of her vengeful sisters. Rumor states that Organyss gave three keys to arch-devils and three to demon lords, keeping one for herself. These keys are assumed to be spread throughout the realm, most likely in the worlds below. Chances are, the owner of the witch shackles also carries one or more keys; however, that is by no means a certainty.

Shackling requires a full round and either surprise or the help of another.


Authored by Venger Satanis


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