Whimsical Wednesday

Somewhere in Quorrah Semir, the subterranean drow city of Torth, there's a dark elf who's hard at work.

Denzen has been consulting books, drow elders, his desert alchemist friend named Tanj, the stranger living in the witch-caves near Quorrah Semir, and even the iridescent oracle of Aryd's End. This dark elf hopes to learn the secret to opening up the sky so the suns return... and he may live beneath their scorching rays.

Why would a drow want to live on the surface of a planet with blazing suns? Especially, when such light would blind his unshielded eyes? Why, indeed?

No one can get a definitive answer, except that Denzen adores the parchment watercolors painted aeons ago, before the nuclear fire and eternal darkness. Denzen received the watercolors as a present when he was a boy. He studied them countless times while his father was away on business and his mother, a priestess of the temple, tended to the spiritual needs of their people.

"One day, I will bring them back... make them burn again, bright spheres of orange flame - not unlike the fireball that nearly destroyed our world. Yes, I will bring the suns back to Torth."


Authored by Venger Satanis


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