Where are the missing marbles?

The only credit I can take for the creation of this random table is that I lost my marbles - or, rather, my mind creating this latest Kickstarter. Glynn was imaginative enough to show us where the missing marbles might be...

Actually, I went ahead and added a few of my own. So, I guess it was a joint effort.

Where are the Missing Marbles?

1. Right where you left them

2. Nestled in a soft, warm, moist pouch made of iridescent fish scales

3. Within the "Crimson Dragon Slayer" pinball machine

4. Staying nice and warm in a ninja's pocket

5. In the palm of a freaky child's albino hand

6. Resting on the floor, at the top of some stairs

7. In Hell (where they belong)

8. Buried in that delicious, strawberry cake

9. Some floozy on Alpha Blue stuck them in her vibrator

10. They scurried into a wizard's hat (2 in 6 chance the wizard is a gnome and he wears a stupid gnome hat)

11. Rolling around Tsathoggua's belly button

12. Ever heard of ben wa balls?


If you end up using this in one of your games... A) what the fuck is wrong with you? B) you simply must tell us about this game. You must!


Authored by Glynn Seal


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