Ways to begin an Alpha Blue adventure

So, the players have created their Alpha Blue characters and are sitting there waiting for the Space Dungeon Master to provide them with adventuring possibilities. Where to start?

MoonSylver came up with the idea and a number of results for this d12 random table.

Ways To Begin An Alpha Blue Adventure

1. You all meet in a space tavern and decide to form a mercenary crew called Blue Company, in order to fund your exploration of the universe and various degenerate pastimes.
2. Someone comes up to you in a space bar and wants to hire a crew of mercenaries.
3. A licensed agent and representative of Universal Exploits (temp agency for disposable spacers who enjoy ultra-violence) is looking for available sub-contractors.
4. A beautiful woman (2 in 6 chance she's an alien) lures you into the nearest restroom; as you fill her up, she fills you in on the details of a low-risk / high-reward mission.
5. Your communicator flashes and vibrates, an old friend or former lover has sent you a message.
6. You discover a holographic message stuck inside an old droid.
7. Your ship picks up a distress beacon.
8. Red Alert!!! [2 in 6 chance that it's actually a blue alert(!) - that's a sex-related emergency]
9. You wake up to the hum of laser bars that imprison you within a space dungeon!
10. You hear a scream or cry for help.
11. A woman (2 in 6 chance she's an alien) is fleeing from alien thugs with blasters; she runs up to you, begging for help.
12. Federation patrol gets a little too close for comfort.

Not sure what Alpha Blue is? It's my own sleazy space opera RPG, like a porn parody of Star Wars crossed with Blake's 7. There are a number of scenarios and campaign setting books for Alpha Blue, such as... Girls Gone Rogue, Universal Exploits, and the FREE adventure Guarding Galaxy XXX.

Thanks for reading, sharing, and commenting! If you use this random table at the table, please let us know.


Authored by Venger Satanis


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