Wading Through the Battlefield

I was re-visiting an old and nearly forgotten sci-fi classic on DVD the other day. It's a little movie called Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone. I wrote a little blog post about it here.

In it, there's a big battle around some kind of sail barge train thing. Lots of shooting, hacking... it's wild like all-out war. And it struck me that such an environment could be used in a sci-fi / space opera RPG. But instead of going through the minutia of combat with everyone getting a turn each round, there's a random table!

Roll on the table below for each PC. Keep rolling for every 10 minutes they're involved in the battle until everyone is unconscious/dead or someone rolls a "12."

PCs who've not yet used their "steal the spotlight" may burn it in order to roll twice and take the highest as the result.

Wading Through the Battle Field

1. You immediately get shot in the face - roll saving throw.

2. A laser-chainsaw hacks off one of your limbs - you're unconscious but in stable condition at zero Health.

3. You take 1d4 slugs to the torso - roll 2d6 damage per slug.

4. A thermal detonator goes off next to you - take 3d6 damage.

5. Some low-tech weapon slices through your armor. Blood leaks out of you like oil from a cut machine - roll 2d6 damage.

6. You're splashed with some toxic chemicals from a bio-weapon - take 2d6 damage and roll on the Mutations table [Alpha Blue, page 15].

7. Laser fire strafes you multiple times, but no one is fading your blaster tonight! Take 1d6 damage.

8. Whole lot of nothing - you don't kill anyone, but no one's harmed you, either.

9. You sustain superficial wounds (1d4 damge) but have taken out a couple enemy combatants.

10. You kill 1d4 of them while remaining relatively unscathed.

11. You've killed 2d6 opponents without so much as a scratch.

12. The battle quickly ends as you blast the Space Hell out of everyone. You're a war hero!


There you go, if you use this in your Alpha Blue game, please let me know!


Authored by Venger Satanis


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