Totally Random Tables #13

Yay, lucky 13! You know the drill - this table is totally random...

Totally Random Table #13

1. Some kind of weird venereal disease where you lose your sense of taste, your fingernails fall off, and your genitals develop throbbing, angry-red veins.
2. Poster of an impressionist painting of waterlilies.
3. Bald mutant wearing animal skins and deep voice like Vin Diesel.
4. Star Wars lunchbox (metallic).
5. Super-uncomfortable chair, but looks awesome and totally 80's with weird shapes and bright colors/patterns.
6. Feelings of malaise over impotent presidency with no prospects for success.


Wonder why I don't whip these out every day, one right after another? Because they're hard, that's why! Without any kind of boundaries, parameters, or limitations the mind is paralyzed by all the possible choices in the universe.

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Authored by Venger Satanis


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