Starfinder - Land Rush random tables

Inspired by the recent news of the Starfinder RPG (Pathfinder in space) that will be coming out in 2017, I've created a series of random tables to help GMs determine the nature of certain planets.

The idea of unassigned territories up for grabs - or "land rush" situation like in the Wild West - is an aspect of Starfinder's campaign setting. So, the PCs want to explore the galaxy. What do you do when they find a piece of land?

I've also decided to include these tables in Universal Exploits (get the PDF), the latest sourcebook for Alpha Blue - a ridiculously rules-lite, sexy and humorous space opera RPG that's available right now!

Territory Claims [d8]

Your ship is approaching a new territory. Does any individual, faction, or government own the rights? In this case "territory" could mean a planet, planetoid, moon, asteroid, system, etc.

1. Unclaimed. Just the indigenous population to worry about, and they're... 1) technologically advanced, 2) primitive, 3) semi-advanced, 4) secretive and mysterious.

2. Devoid of life but claimed on paper - probably an electronic deed filed away somewhere.

3. Unclaimed. Devoid of life and ripe for the taking!

4. This territory was claimed long ago (2 in 6 chance of that claim expiring or there being a legal problem with the claim).

5. This territory has never been claimed, but there's got to be a reason for that. Most likely, it's a death trap!

6. Autonomous. The beings living there have sovereignty.

7. About to be claimed. Several individuals and/or factions are vying for control.

8. In transition. Ownership/rights are changing hands (or tentacles).


Sought by Whom? [d10]

If there's a rights holder or interested party, this table will determine who's part of the conflict.

1. The Federation

2. The Federation (masquerading as another group, roll again. If you happen to roll either #1 or #2, then it's actually some weird alien race posing as the Federation).

3. Independents - a collective of individuals and organizations without ties to a major government.

4. The Draconian Empire

5. The League of Unaligned Worlds

6. The Non-Aligned Planetary Alliance

7. The Wyrmslorr Syndicate

8. The Krylon Protectorate

9. The Interstellar Caliphate

10. The Kraaka Dominion (1 - 3); Galaxy Five (4 - 6)


Habitable [d4]

Can this planet support life?

1. Yes, it's perfect for most humanoid species.

2. Less than ideal. It's suitable for most humanoids who are sheltered by bases, domes, and artificial habitats.

3. Not habitable without substantial external forces, such as terra-forming.

4. Nothing can live here.


How Valuable? [d6]

How much value does this territory hold?

1. More trouble than it's worth.

2. No discernible value.

3. Small value (roll once on the following Value table).

4. Decent value (roll twice on the following Value table).

5. Extremely valuable (roll three times on the following Value table).

6. Priceless! (Roll four times on the following Value table).


Value [d12]

What makes this territory valuable? If you come up with a particular result multiple times, that aspect is especially favorable.

1. Proximity to space ways, jump points, and astro-navigation lanes.

2. Trade-able goods are nearby.

3. Mineral deposits such as tricilicate 6.

4. Natural resources like water, oxygen, or oil.

5. Strategic military location.

6. Already has infrastructure.

7. Contains the remnants of a lost or ruined civilization.

8. Something about it is luxurious and appeals to the ultra-wealthy.

9. Perfect for mining/refining spice.

10. Space gold and/or star gems!

11. Some kind of super weapon.

12. A hidden rebel base.


Authored by Venger Satanis


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