Singing Spheres of Yogsoggoth

The spell's inventor, Jaevyn, discovered these alien spheres during his travels through dimensions no sane man should ever witness. This was years before he was hanged for blasphemy in the town of Ethranshire.

Once this 3rd level spell is cast, 1d4 small, silver spheres float around the sorcerer, emitting random musical tones. Though magic-users claim they are encrypted sonic messages from an unknown source.

The chaotic notes of music are so distracting that everyone within earshot, aside from the spell caster, must make a saving throw (DC 15) or be unable to act (either dumbfounded or awestruck) for as many rounds as there are spheres.

Those who roll a natural 20 on their saving throw accidentally glean esoteric lore from outside the known universe. Such individuals are granted a +2 insight bonus to all their rolls for the next hour.
Collaboration by Grand DM
and Venger Satanis

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