Silk of a Thousand Spiders

This intricate 3rd level invocation calls forth a great multitude of alien weavers from their shadowy dimension. Once summoned, these creatures create any woven item the sorcerer commands, be it a suspension bridge, sail, tent, garments, field dressing, protective wall, or cunning trap. Additional components may be given to the weavers and incorporated into the item.

Once their task is completed, the weavers crawl back to their native plane. The silk creation usually lasts for as many days as the sorcerer's level, unless prematurely destroyed.

So long as the sorcerer directs the spiders to weave a specific creation within three rounds, these creatures will do him no harm. If, however, his request is interpreted as impossible or the weavers are made to wait, they will attempt to cocoon the magician and drag him from whence they came. The caster can try to outrun his weavers but they are quick-legged.

The sorcerer may not use this spell again unless he offers a surrogate magician to the weaver queen. It is not known what happens to cocooned casters. One obscure but notable diabolist claims these poor souls are reanimated, mummified by the weavers' silk and commanded by either the weavers or even darker powers.

Optionally, if the magician is required to make an arcane skill check to cast spells, a critical fumble causes the spiders to take the magician away. There's a 2 in 6 chance for the thousand weavers to make a legendary item with additional, unintended properties, beyond the caster's specifications. Such awe-inspiring construction lasts for triple the caster's level in days (unless destroyed by fire, giant boulders, T-Rex, etc).


Authored by Scott Charlton (with assistance from Venger Satanis)


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