Revelry in Torth

I'm happy to announce that Revelry in Torth has just been released. PDF now, probably another week or so before a print version is available on DriveThruRPG and Amazon.

This is the first of many adventures set in the sinister, exotic, and night-haunted desert world of Torth. As I've said before, it's a license-free shared setting for organized play. So, start creating! You can use what's been published previously as a guide for what to include and exclude, but Torth is a big place and I'm not its gatekeeper. If you want to include pink shark-bunnies swimming in a midnight ocean, well... maybe you're fleshing out a parallel dimension or alternate time period of Torth?

Eventually, I hope that local gaming communities will divide themselves up into various factions with definite goals - each forging their own destiny and influencing the world's people, places, and events.

Would love to hear your feedback,



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