Professions in V'dreen

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"'Tis a weird place, m'lord. Full of weird people doing weird things. The citizens of V'dreen think they have jobs, but they don't. They have strangeness..."

The following d30 random table is for determining what kind of employment opportunities are available in V'dreen, the place the Gods forgot.

V'dreenian Professions

1. Colorist of artificial fish
2. Knight of the Thimble
3. Disinfector by railways
4. Examiner of underclothing
5. Invisible net maker
6. Electric bath attendant
7. Proprietor of midgets
8. Maker of sand views
9. Turnip shepherd
10. Emasculator
11. Sampler of drugs
12. Fatuous pauper
13. Fish-bender
14. Grape dryer
15. Beef twister
16. Newt fancier
17. Pseudopod strainer
18. Tentacle tickler
19. Prophet of the flesh-pits
20. Census taker
21. Throat wobbler (mangrove)
22. Unicorn testicle slapper
23. U'ntok of Thaar
24. Scrying tablet repairman
25. Peach fuzz grower
26. Stain aficionado
27. Precipitation guesser
28. Mandolin distortionist
29. Hippity hoppity featherist
30. Obscene mask wearer


Many of these were directly stolen from a census by the London Genealogical Society provided by catty_big.

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Authored by Venger Satanis


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