Old School D&D hack

So, I started a new old school D&D campaign. I'm running Dwimmermount with Swords & Wizardry, but there are things I'm changing. This post serves as a reminder of what those changes are...

Racial Ability Score Modifiers

Elf: +1 intelligence
Half-Elf: +1 charisma
Dark Elf: +1 wisdom
Dwarf: +1 constitution
Halfling: +1 dexterity
Half-Orc: +1 strength
Humans: can re-roll one of their ability scores

Attack Bonus

Fighter/Paladin/Ranger: +1 at 0 level; +2 at 1st level; +3 at 2nd level; +4 at 3rd level

Monk/Assassin/Thief: none at 0 level; +1 at 1st level; +1 at 2nd level; +2 at 3rd level

Cleric/Magic-User/Druid: none at 0 level; none at 1st level; +0 at 2nd level; +1 at 3rd level

Martial classes have a d10 Hit Die, sly classes have a d8, and spellcasting classes have a d6. All classes roll for zero level HP, receive max HP at 1st level, and roll one HD per level thereafter.

Players have the option of starting the game with a single 1st level character with 30 gold pieces and 1 point of inspiration or 4 level zero characters starting with 10 gold pieces, roll for Hit Points, and no inspiration (until reaching 1st level).

PCs receive one point of inspiration per level but once a point is spent, it's gone. PCs can spend inspiration to gain advantage on a d20 roll (roll twice and take the best of the two)... although, I also allow inspiration to substitute as a d20 re-roll.

It takes 500 experience points to reach 1st level; 1,500 to reach 2nd level; 3,000 to reach 3rd level; and 6,000 to reach 4th.

XP is earned for challenges overcome... monsters killed, NPCs dealt with, traps avoided, riddles solved, humanoids running in fear of their lives, etc. and treasure acquired @ 1 gold piece per experience point. XP is not awarded for equipment or magic items.

XP is divided out between surviving PCs at the end of each session, and that is where any and all leveling will take place.

I have special charts for both gemstones collected and saving throws.

At zero HP, PCs are unconscious and stable. PCs cannot remain alive at negative HP that exceed their level. For instance, a 1st level character is still considered knocked out but alive at -1 HP but anything lower than that means death; a 3rd level character is unconscious up to -3 HP, and anything more would kill him.


Authored by Venger Satanis


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