Names of SciFi Strip Clubs

I crowd-sourced this one because I knew people would come up with awesomely wacky, funny, and sleazy-ass stuff...

Strip Clubs, Porn Shops, BDSM Dungeons, Brothels, and Escort Services

1. Peaches and Cream... or The Peach Pit.
2. The Doll House.
3. Vanessa's Convent Confessional.
4. Major Boobage.
5. Pants Off - Bottoms Up.
6. My Other Office... or My Other Orifice.
7. Shaft Spinners.
8. Panty Droppers.
9. Castle Anthrax.
10. Club Cherry.
11. Down the Rabbit Hole
12. Crazy Z’aa's House of Holo Honeys.
13. T-N-A-4-U... or Fit 2-B Tied.
14. Sluts, Slugs, and Slimes
15. Broken Angels
16. Spanky's Love Hut.
17. Bad Medicine.
18. The Pleasure Dome.
19. The Boobatorium.
20. Naughty Tentacles.
22. Red Hot Pussy Liquors.
23. Electric Dreams.
24. Interface.
25. Tosche Station.
26. Area 69.
27. Slave Girls "R" Us.
28. Jizz Wizards.
29. Cream Pie Cafe.
30. H.P. Lustcraft... or Non-Euclidean.


There ya have it! I want to thank MoonSylver, Joshua Burnett, Chris Tamm, Andrew "Zakero" Moore, Thomas Bobo, Marc Gillham, Scott Charlton, and Justin Isaac.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing! Don't have Alpha Blue yet? Jesus Space Christ, get with the program already, would ya?


Authored by Venger Satanis


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