Just Desserts

Full disclosure: the idea for this silly/gonzo random table was inspired by Jeff Rients' blog post. And the whimsical comment from Dave S (Certified).

Not sure how often this will come up in play (more often than you'd think playing Crimson Dragon Slayer), but let's say, for argument's sake, that someone somewhere needs a dessert, requests a dessert, offers a dessert, or throws a dessert into a PC's face...

What Kind of Dessert?

1. Cheesecake... 1) cherry, 2) strawberry/blueberries, 3) plain, or 4) key-lime.
2. Ice cream... 1) rocky road, 2) cookie dough, 3) vanilla, 4) mint, 5) New York cherry, or 6) chocolate.
3. Cake... 1) German chocolate cake, 2) chocolate, 3) pineapple upside-down cake, 3) yellow cake with chocolate frosting, or 4) ice cream cake.
4. Brownies
5. Banana split
6. Creme brulee
7. Donuts
8. Cookies... 1) chocolate chip, 2) oatmeal raisin, 3) peanut butter, or 4) snicker-doodle.
9. Tirami su (1-3) or cannoli (4-6)
10. White chocolate bread pudding
11. Pie... 1) apple, 2) pumpkin, 3) cherry, 4) pecan, 5) Boston cream, or 6) custard.
12. Dessert pizza

There you have it! Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

If you end up using this in an actual game, please, Dread Cthulhu, let me know!


Authored by Venger Satanis


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