Idiosyncrasies of Cha'alt

Cha'alt is my new campaign world... sun-bleached death under magenta sky. It's post-apocalyptic cyberpunk science-fantasy. I'm building it as I go and will publish it sometime in 2019.

Ok, I need a little variety and randomness when it comes to characters (both PC and NPC) in Cha'alt.

Here's a d100 table to give us a little spice...

1. Extra arm.
2. Third eye.
3. Tail (2 in 6 chance of scorpion's tail).
4. Tentacles (1d4).
5. Crab claw instead of hand.
6. Scarred flesh.
7. Read thoughts.
8. See into the future.
9. Absorb anger and fear (extra 1d4 HP, usable as many times a day as character's level).
10. Short-out electronics.
11. Iron will.
12. Cybernetic arm.
13. Cybernetic laser-eye.
14. Tank treads instead of legs.
15. Telekinesis.
16. Pyrokinesis.
17. Sense humanoids nearby.
18. Draconic glyph on body.... 1) destiny, 2) destruction, 3) freedom, or 4) chaos.
19. Weird skin-color... 1) magenta, 2) purple, 3) crimson, or 4) yellow-ochre.
20. Cactus spines all over body.
21. Genetically spliced with arachnid.
22. Reptilian scales (if already reptilian, bird feathers).
23. Webbed hands and feet.
24. Gills for breathing water.
25. Fur covering entire body.
26. Mute.
27. Hairless.
28. Cybernetic implants (weapon).
29. Strange aura.
30. Communicate with animals.
31. Able to read, write, and speak X'ul (ancient language of sorcerers enslaved to Dragons).
32. Holographic projected cat-eyes.
33. Diamond-shaped object orbits head.
34. Television screen implanted into body... only plays one channel (and not very well), Channel 111 - "Videodrome."
35. Stretchy body.
36. Chitinous shell.
37. Dead-skin mask protecting one's head from sunburn and one's identity - plus, it just looks terrifying!
38. For some reason, giant sandworms completely ignore you.
39. Skeletal physique.
40. Skull-like face.
41. You're more machine than man, now...
42. More plant than meat.
43. You're from the jungles in the far southern realm.
44. Face like a warthog.
45. Enlarged cranium.
46. Insectoid hybrid.
47. Crocodile hybrid.


This is a work-in-progress, so please enjoy what I have to offer so far. Check back for updates soon! Special thanks to Chad Robb for his suggestions.

If you're interested in joining the Roll20 game online, let me know. Here is the next one!


Authored by Venger Satanis


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