How Anti-Sex is This Sector?

It's been a little while since I put up new content, so why not this?

Yesterday, I offered a sneak-peek from The Last Alpha Blue Supplement over on my blog. And then I was thinking... why not create a little random table to go with it?

How Anti-Sex Is This Sector?

1. You can have sex in wedlock for the purposes of having offspring. Even flirting is verboten! Around these parts, blowjobs are considered a hate crime.
2. These are dangerous times - casual sex is a punishable offense, either jail or a hefty fine. Disadvantage on your dice pool while trying to get some!
3. It's tricky... but there's a laissez faire attitude in this sector. You can usually get away with heavy petting in public and other things behind closed doors.
4. The Anti-Sex League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Ladies (along with their prudish doctrine) is no where to be found - thank the space gods - so it's business as usual. *

* Roll another d4, and if that result is also a "4" the taboo nature of free love is making everyone even more horny! The Federation's regulations are forbidden fruit in this sector of the galaxy. Advantage on your dice pool while trying to get some!


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Authored by Venger Satanis


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