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To help promote Gamma Turquoise, I'm showcasing the d100 random table containing artifacts from a bygone age. Every time the PCs search for treasure (because it's a monster's lair, ruined office building, etc.), there's a 2 in 6 chance of finding a relic from the past...

Here's Gamma Turquoise: Santa Fe Starport on DriveThruRPG.

Artifacts from a Bygone Age

1. Battered stop sign that has been fashioned into a shield.
2. Bra with three cups.
3. Album by Coconut Pete, entitled Sea Shanties and Wet Panties.
4. Six-pack of some kind of grape-flavored soda called Purple Prizm.
5. Petrified dragon scale.
6. Solar panel.
7. Energy cells.
8. Device for detecting mutants.
9. Handgun (2 in 6 chance of being a machine gun).
10. Sword (1 in 4 chance of being magical).
11. Wrist communicator
12. Car phone
13. Laser pistol (2 in 6 chance it's a laser rifle).
14. 2d8 Blue-colored "love" pills (actually, these are blue dreamers).
15. Stack of adult magazines.
16. Viewfinder with 1d12 paper view-wheels.
17. Gas mask
18. Air conditioning unit.
19. Plastic, desk-sized statue of liberty.
20. Box full of Christmas decorations (if rolled a 2nd time, Easter decorations).
21. Unopened bottle of Tequila.
22. Set of tools (including hammer, wrench, screwdriver, and tape measure).
23. Toaster.
24. Glow sticks (giving off dim illumination).
25. Droid head (if rolled a 2nd time, droid penis).
26. Automotive parts.
27. Geiger counter.
28. Slot machine.
29. Painting of Barbara Streisand.
30. Driver's wheel.
31. Leather boots.
32. Canteen of water.
33. Medieval helmet with dragon motif.
34. Smashed computer.
35. Time capsule containing Star Wars memorabilia.
36. Voight-Kampff machine.
37. Ice cube tray.
38. Gold pocket watch.
39. Black keyboard but the "F" key is missing (if this result is rolled a 2nd time, the "F" key is found).
40. Commodore 64 computer.
41. Floppy disks full of games.
42. Laser bazookoid.
43. Water filtration system.
44. Hang glider.
45. SCUBA gear.
46. Coat and hat rack.
47. Simon Electronic Game (only the blue pad works now).
48. Electronic guitar (smallest string snapped).
49. Amplifier.
50. Motorcycle.
51. Synthesizer.
52. Lawn chair.
53. Ms. Pac-Man arcade game.
54. Psychedelic-horror concert flyer for some band called Stryk-9.
55. Access crystal for some dude named Reginald Kincaid (if rolled a second time, it's for a woman named Sarah Connor).
56. Silver jewelry with turquoise.
57. Metal detector.
58. Yield sign, motorized and turned into a spinning metal triangle of death!
59. 3D glasses allowing the wearer to see in multiple dimensions simultaneously.
60. Atari 2600 video game system.
61. ET video game cartridge (Atari).
62. Tosche Station power converters.
63. Outer frame of a Z'roid (1-3 blue, 4-6 red).
64. Futuristic "laser star" sarcophagus (2 in 6 chance of containing humanoid alien).
65. Cryogenic pod (2 in 6 chance of containing human sleeper).
66. Dagger with sinister blade, the hilt inlaid with turquoise.
67. Jetpack that's been cannibalized for parts.
68. Jigsaw puzzle of a blue macaw (1d6 missing pieces).
69. Printer and fax machine combo.
70. American flag bandanna.
71. Freeze ray (no power).
72. Coat made out of animal fur.
73. Variety of medicine.
74. DMG, 6th edition (foreward by Venger As'Nas Satanis).
75. Wooden crucifix, painted.
76. Full face makeup kit and palette.
77. Ceiling fan.
78. Hardcover edition of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (111th printing).
79. Binoculars.
80. Smoke detector.
81. Television set.
82. Bear trap.
83. Instruction manual for building a "big question" computer that can potentially ask and answer the mysteries of life, the universe, and everything.
84. Sex toy... 1) violet wand, 2) latex glove, 3) glass dildo, and 4) ball-gag.
85. Statuette of some monstrous, octopoidal, yet humanoid god with terrifying bat wings.
86. Coffee maker.
87. Snow cone machine.
88. Anti-gravity laser tank.
89. Ice cream truck.
90. Tachyon amplifier (for locating and entering time warps).
91. Large (3' wide) plastic doughnut (pink frosting with sprinkles).
92. Ouija board (2 in 6 chance of also finding a Tarot deck nearby).
93. Laser sword.
94. Crate full of starship spare parts.
95. Alien atmosphere suit.
96. Diary of a man who believed his mind was being taken over by invisible creatures called the jourel.
97. Personal energy shield and digital wrist watch.
98. Blue hood covered in scales of the serpent-men.
99. Food - canned goods.
100. Yellow-ochre floral couch from the 1970's.


This list will definitely change before it's included in Gamma Turquoise.


Authored by Venger Satanis


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