Gaming Space Checklist

I like checklists because they force me to measure the worth of things. Like gaming spaces, for instance.

Not all RPG sessions are created equal. We all know that. Similarly, every space we choose to game in (though we don't always have a choice) has its merits and flaws. Come, let us judge them together!

* Free from distraction: that's worth +3 points

* Decent sized table: +2 points (an extra point if the table is especially nice)

* Comfortable seating: +1 point per hour of session

* Audio Visual: +2 points

* Good food and drink: +1 point

* Appropriate lighting / time of day: +2 points

* Adequate temperature: negative points if it's way too hot, cold, wet, windy, etc,

* Unpleasant odor: more negative points, the amount depends on how bad the smell is.


If you can think of more, let me know. Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing this article.


Authored by Venger Satanis


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