Exclamations in Space!

Maybe you're furious, frustrated beyond belief, or about to be swallowed by a foul Marmydon... and you need something that's going to make an impact but doesn't break the genre wall.

Here's a crowd-sourced D20 random table for those times when an ordinary turn of phrase just won't do. The following were created with Alpha Blue in mind, but should work for any sci-fi or space opera RPG.

Futuristic Exclamations!!!

1. Floop... there it is!

2. By the blonde beard of Bowie!

3. Curse your third eye!

4. Shizzle-spark-tizzle!

5. Wait, what orifice was that?!?

6. Well, color my hole black!

7. Damn, that's a fine worm hole!

8. Sorry, I didn't mean to insert my Vulkoor proboscis into your Sluvian vac-todger!

9. That's luckier than a shit-slug on a waste disposal asteroid!

10. HOW MUCH!?! Go shove a tentacle in your egg-bearer's hairy flange-pod, frackhole!

11. My god, it's full of star-arse!

12. She can suck a sloob-ball through a bong-pipe.

13. Don't blame me, I voted for President Zarb!

14. Shall we indulge in Rishathra?

15. Suck-creamed as a quambeast nobble!

16. I cringe my dribbles at your resplendent poffle-snoo!

17. Thrice endowed supreme donkey of the trouser-pods!

18. You have most pleasantly wibbled my frazik pouch!

19. Sheep squeezers of Splaticon 5!

20. You can have my purple prizm when you drink it out of my cold dead stasis field!


Authored by Venger Satanis, Ian Hagan, Glynn Seal, Scott Dexter, Thaumiel Nerub, William L, Andrew Prince, and whoever's responsible for the future of Black Adder.



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