Ephemeral Twin

In the previous aeon, when sorcery was inextricably linked with the darkness of the void and the cold, reptilian cruelty of our former snake-men masters, ephemeral twin was born. Its creator desperately needed a second artifact - yet identical to the first - in order to counteract the original's nasty side-effect.

The sorcerer T'xaakahn used the spell, eventually taming both artifacts. Sadly, the next time T'xaakahn cast ephemeral twin he wasn't so lucky.

This 5th level spell creates a double or copy of the individual targeted. The duplicate will have their own mind and free will. When the spell's duration expires (rounds equal to the caster's level), the copy along with all his or her belongings will disappear.

However, if the double is murdered by non-magical means by the caster, then each item gets a saving throw to see if it remains in this world. Using magic to destroy the duplicate also ruins everything carried, worn, or possessed by the duplicate.

D6 Saving Throws

  • Magic Items: must roll a 3+
  • Magic Weapons and Armor: must roll a 2+
  • Potions, Scrolls, and Books: must roll a 4+
  • Non-Magical Items: must roll a 5+

Let me know what you think of this spell. I'm just workshop-ing the idea here before playtesting it. Your feedback is appreciated!


Authored by Venger Satanis


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