Divided by Culture, Politics, and Random Tables

It's amazing what comes out of the internet, and what you can accidentally learn just by reading forum threads and blog posts about RPGs. 3 years ago, I hadn't heard of half these results.

The following is a dumb random table that I felt like creating. It doesn't have a use yet, but perhaps someone will come up with one. Anyway, here goes nothing...

Cultural / Political Divide

1. Social Justice Warrior
2. Snowflake
3. Edgelord
4. Fascist
5. Men's Rights Activist
6. Ctrl-Left
7. Alt-Right
8. Triggered and roll again!

I want to thank all the gamers I know on g+ for suggesting some of these. Also, it should be obvious, but no offense was intended. I'm just a curious observer in the spiraling chaos.


Authored by Venger Satanis


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