Desperately Seeking Alpha Blue Players

This article is the third and last Alpha Blue installment (for awhile, at least).

So, you checked out Alpha Blue, liked what you saw, and purchased the sci-fi RPG equivalent of Spencer Gifts. Now what?

Obviously, you want to play the game... to see if your spacer can handle his laser sword as well as he holds his rum and star coke. But maybe you're not sure how to approach your gaming buddies or you already asked them about playing Alpha Blue and they gave you a limp dick response. Where do you go from here?

If you already have an established gaming group, there's the possibility of turning things around. Convince them that trying Alpha Blue may not, in actuality, give them the space herpes.

Remind your players that they and their characters don't have to do anything they don't want to. Tell them that you don't plan to go into graphic detail. In fact, any small amount of sex stuff will happen off-screen the first session. Highlight the comedy aspect. Alpha Blue should be played for laughs. It wasn't meant to simulate serious intimate relationships or the darkest avenues of sexual dysfunction (although, if your players ask for that kind of thing and you're into it, then don't let me stop you).

But what if you're starting from scratch. You don't have a regular gaming group. In fact, the last time you enjoyed a session of roleplaying you were hesitantly drooling over The Force Awakens trailer. Well, Alpha Blue gamers exist.

Have you considered playing online? I've personally run a half-dozen sessions on Roll20, and they were great. Each group had only 2 or 3 players and that was just fine.

What about putting a little advertisement up at your friendly local game store? No need to go into detail, simply tell people that you want to run Alpha Blue, a 70's, grindhouse sci-fi RPG. If you didn't know, "grindhouse" is the 21st century euphemism for exploitation.

Possibly the most difficult option is to find aficionados of sleazy, vintage sci-fi and ask them if they want to try the roleplaying version of it. I have a feeling that if you know people who are really into the sort of trashy, raunchy 70's and 80's films that inspired Alpha Blue, they'd be open to the experience.

Anyways, good luck in your pursuit of cheap thrills and sordid adventuring. Don't be discouraged by a few shrinking violets or easily offended pearl clutchers. Your fellow geeks, weirdos, and perverts are out there. Find them and start gaming, for fuck's sake!


Authored by Venger Satanis


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