The Demilich Rj’Nimajneb~Yor and his Corrupted Lion Familiar Rekyr the Nahtanoj

A Halloween gift from our game table to yours, especially for all you parents out there...

In the costume selection process for my boys, one in particular caught the eye of my 8 year old. He picked it out, tried it on, and went with it.

"I'm un-dead daddy, check it out. All the other skeletons stop and give me respect!"

"Oh, is that right? How's that?" I said.

"Well, this medallion here, it allows me to collect the souls of people who try to stop me, and it increases my power. If they happen to be a wizard; well, it increases my power by twice!"

"Son, that's called a soul phylactery, and you are a lich" I said, wiping a tear away...

My youngest watching this chimed in - "I'm a lion, and I ROAR!".

"Oh, and you will fit in nicely, too buddy..."

Inspired by their costumes, and with input from my son; I wiped this up for the holiday over the last day in DCC RPG Rules - Gygaxian style. I give you their backgrounds from my campaign. Feel free to place them in yours as you see fit - just a word of warning.... He's probably the final encounter.

Dungeon Crawl Classics Gazetteer Profile by Roy B. Snyder, Sr, 2014 all rights reserved.

The Demilich Rj’Nimajneb~Yor and his Corrupted Lion Familiar Rekyr the Nahtanoj

Beyond the Obsidian Forest, in the most tainted, darkest part of the Nyletak Mountains is the domain of the insidious Demilich Rj’Nimajneb~Yor. Hanging from the inset of Forever Peak, The Fang, his inverted tower unnaturally hangs above the gaping maw of Black Blood Pass. It is from here that the un-dead lord commands his subjects of unlife, life, and those in between.

It is said that within the inner sanctum of this unholy place, his center of power exists in its own space-time, accessible only from within The Fang. There, his focal point of controlling this domain lies within a platinum pentagram: A pillar of skulls from everyone who defied him in the future, past and present. The pillar glows an ultraviolet light, and the eyes of every skull the vision of potential tomorrows.

Rj’Nimajneb~Yor, Demilich: Init +7; Atk Claw +8 melee (1d8+1) and/or Nawa-ta, Soul Phylactery Medallion +12 Ranged and/or Wand of a Thousand Punishments +12 Ranged Special and/or SP; AC 15; HD 12d10; hp 108; MV 35; Act 2d24, 1d16; SP un-dead traits, spells, animate/command un-dead, dimensional portal, ethereal visage, control familiar; SV Fort +6, Ref +7, Will +8; AL C.

Special Abilities

Spells: Rj’Nimajneb~Yor’s repertoire of spells is renown. The Judge can select any spell known to exist for your encounter to a count of 21 unique spells memorized by the Demilich that day. His spell check is +12, and CL is 10 for purposes of counterspell, etc. Consider him to have a pool of 35 points Spellburn, for every 5 points used, reduce his Fort & Ref saves by 1 each.

Animate, Command Un-dead: Rj’Nimajneb~Yor can create, command, and enslave un-dead beings at a range of 500’. With the use of his focal point, this power can be extended elsewhere indirectly. Living creatures that die within this range can be animated and turned into an un-dead creature depending on its hit dice. Creatures created may be temporary or permanent contingent on the results. Creatures or Sentient un-dead can be controlled, or potentially permanently dominated. Use the turn un-dead table and invert the results to determine the permanence of the creation, command, or control of sentient un-dead creatures with an action die of 1d24+12.

Dimensional Portal: Plane-walking in his mortal living days has extended to new doors, as Rj’Nimajneb~Yor can create a portal and step through it to a random location within 200’. The random location is determined on an X, Y, Z coordinate dependent on the closest open location with a solid floor, using 2 sets of percentile dice per coordinate from a constant to determine location. A DC15 on a 1d24+12 action die check can permit him to create the portal anywhere he knows within that distance. Fumble causes the ability to be lost for the day, requiring 3 points Spellburn to use again post-fumble. This ability acts as both a Spellcasting action, and a movement action.

Ethereal Visage: With one action or as a reaction when his physical form is close to death; the Demilich may transmute himself into an Ethereal Form for 15 rounds. While in this form, he can only be harmed by spell damaging effects, and restrained by clearly typed constraints effecting incorporeal beings. While in this form, he may cast spells but at only on a 1d16+8 action die; and cannot use objects such as his wand. He has a fly 40’ move, can pass through any solid and is only blocked by lead and silver substances. This is a DC 15 ability, action die 1d24+12. For every 5 points above 15 cleared, this ability lasts another 15 rounds (e.g. 26 Spell check = 45 rounds). If attacked with Law based holy water in this form, a DC20 will save is required or he reverts to physical form.

Control Familiar: In addition to normal familiar abilities listed per the typed spell; On a free action, the Demilich may psychically control Rekyr the Nahtanoj. He can control him, and utilize his senses within 5 miles; or anywhere through his focal point as long as he remains within the pentagram.

Nawa-ta, Soul Phylactery Medallion: Devoting two DC 15 spellchecks in one round, Rj’Nimajneb~Yor may attempt to snatch the soul away from a sentient being, storing it within his soul phylactery medallion: Nawa-Ta. The effect takes place the next round, or on the 3rd action die if available. Within 70’, a cone of thick white smoke fires from the center of the medallion at the intended target. The thick smoke makes limited visibility only possible to adjacent targets within the cone effect. The target must make two successive will saves, one at DC 12, then one at DC 15.

If you fail the first or both, you have lost your soul. The victim’s body fails to wish to live after 1d4 rounds unless released from Nawa-ta. If a sentient being dies within the presence of him, he may only need one action to attempt to snatch the soul, requiring a DC15 spellcheck. With each soul the medallion stores, he gains +2 to his spellcheck, and a magical bonus to his armor class. If he happens to capture the soul of a wizard, this bonus is doubled. With a DC13 spellcheck, he can consume all the souls in his medallion and heal to full health.

Wand of a Thousand Punishments: This wand, crafted by Rj’Nimajneb~Yor himself was created from the spine of the offspring of a daemon and a unicorn – an experiment that was disastrous, and successful in its own right.

Use of the wand requires a successful classic intelligence check of a 5th level or higher Wizard, or DC15 Thief “Use Scroll” to activate each round. Failure to activate the wand renders it inoperable for 1d9 days, and a critical fumble destroys the wand – causing a phlogiston disturbance (caster is forced to cast a spell vs. a spell on chart below, Judge rolls for wand’s Spell check+CL7+5) then explodes for 5d7 points of damage creating a rip in space time. The wand itself has a Spell check of 19, plus the Caster’s Level, and Int Bonus. If the bearer has a 15 or higher Intelligence, he can choose the spell below, otherwise roll 1d5 per use:

1 – Flaming Hands
2 – Magic Missile
3 – Scorching Ray
4 – Fireball
5 – Lightning Bolt

A critical success in activating the wand bestows un-dead henchmen permanently loyal to the bearer in addition to the Spellcasting, Roll 1d3:

1. 1d7 Juju Zombies
2. 1d5 Ghast
3. 1d3 Wights

The un-dead are either created from nearby remains, or are the closest convenient creature teleported to the bearers location. They appear and act the next round, surrounding the caster if possible, with elite morale. While the bearer has the wand in his possession, the un-dead can be psychically commanded as a free action. If the wand is held by another, or is more than 5’ away from the bearer for more than 2 rounds, roll 1d100:

1-20: The un-dead suddenly vanish, leaving behind permanently burned shadows from where they stood.

21-25: The un-dead are destroyed in an explosion of positive energy. Adjacent targets take 3d6 damage: Law characters no damage, Neutral Half, Chaos Full; DC15 Will for half, post alignment determination.

26-37: The un-dead explode, causing 2d6 damage to all adjacent targets. DC10 Sta check for half.

38-40: The un-dead implode, pulling anyone adjacent to each creature into the 9 hells. DC15 Agi check or be pulled in.

41-58: The un-dead remain, unloyal to anyone, acting next round per Judge’s determination.

58-69: The un-dead remain, loyal to the original bearer of the wand at time of bestowment.

70-73: The un-dead remain, loyal to whoever bears the wand.

74-80: The un-dead remain, turned to stone. Bearer gains corruption; roll 1d3: 1. Minor, 2. Major, 3. Greater.

81-84: Arrival. The un-dead remain, and an angel arrives and starts to fight the creatures. Party must choose sides. If the angel wins, it bestows the party boons per Judge’s discretion. If the un-dead win, they become loyal to the original bearer of the wand and those present at the time of bestowment. A Wraith appears, pledging fealty to the champion of the un-dead.

85-90: Contest. A demon arrives and offers the bearer 50 smoldering gold coins per remaining un-dead. The demon is true to his word and pays if accepted, if denied he fights the bearer and allies for the un-dead disappearing before the final death blow if defeated, cursing the party. The bearer and allies make a mortal enemy.

91-98: If the original bearer of the wand bestowed un-dead is still of mortal life, he must make a DC 15 Will save or be transmogrified into a Wraith. All objects at time of fail turn into ethereal variants and are subject to those effects per Judge’s discretion.

99-100: Special, The Judge’s discretion on the event.

In the end days of the now Demilich’s research for eternal unlife, he followed some of the research set out in one of Sezrekan’s laboratories, deep in the Dark Jungle of Hajzot. There as fate would have it, he crossed paths with the king of the realm, the lion of lions: Rekyr the Nahtanoj.

On the day of his birth of his 666th year, the king of the dark jungle may feel it was contested who sought out whom. However, on that day, the pair were bonded by familiar magicks sealing the bond the lion quested for, bonding them to his eternal master: Rj’Nimajneb~Yor. The lion will fight to the death to defend his master, using cunning, guile, and guerrilla tactics to defend him.

Rekyr the Nahtanoj, Corrupted Lion Familiar: Init +7; Atk Bite +8 melee (2d5+2) and/or Claw +8 melee (1d8+2) and/or SP; AC; HD 6d8; hp 42; MV 60; Act 2d20; SP edritch roar, countenance of the dark jungle; SV Fort +7, Ref +9, Will +6; AL C.

Special Abilities

Eldritch Roar: This menacing, deafening roar that discombobulates the senses in the presence of this mighty lion. All non-allies within 100’ radius DC 15 Fort save or be subject to the intense blast of sound. Failure results in -4 to all rolls, causing deafness for 1d4 hours.

Countenance of the Dark Jungle: Meeting the gaze of the dark king has always been a legend well heeded. If Rekyr the Nahtanoj is able to lock eyes with an opponent within 40’, he can attempt psychic domination. The opponent must make a DC 13 Will save or become dominated, unable to act, frozen in fear. For every point that the victim misses his check, is how many rounds this domination remains in effect. If missed by more than 5 points, he can command you to do a simple action (drop your weapon, lie down, etc).

Pronunciation guide:
Rj’Nimajneb~Yor (Redg Neema-je-knebb Your)
Nawa-ta (Now-a Tah)
Rekyr the Nahtanoj (Wreck-yer the Naawht-Ah-Knawje)


Authored by Roy B. Snyder


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