Crimson Phasic Deth Wyzard Vorpal

"Probably your best table yet! Awesomeness!!!" ~ Forrest Aguirre

The mystical phase-artistry of the robed classes shan't be denied!

Those warrior types think they're so frickin' cool. Well, battle wyzards are not to be outdone! Behold...

Once per combat, magic-users may forgo their usual spellcasting in favor of shooting vorpal, crimson laser demon-fire out of their fingers, eyes, and mouth. Roll on the following d30 table to determine what in the Nine Hells just happened?!?

Crimson Phasic Deth Wyzard Vorpal

1. Self-immolation as your molten ashes disperse to the Four Winds!
2. 1d4 of your comrades are severely burned - taking 3d6 damage!
3. Your body is scarred with singe marks like you've been flame broiled - you take 2d6 exploding damage!
4. You miss; nothing happens.
5. You strike one opponent with a lick of ordinary flame that does 1d6 damage.
6. You flame strike 1d4 opponents with regular flame that does 1d6 damage each.
7. You douse a single opponent in greenish flame for 3d6 exploding damage!
8. Same as above, but this time the flame is purple and slimy! There's a 2 in 6 chance that the purple slime hardens instantaneously, making movement impossible.
9. Your vorpal laser flames hit 1d4 opponents who each take 2d6 exploding damage!
10. Your flames hit 1d4 opponents who each take 3d6 exploding damage!
11. Your flame of eerie jade illumination hits 1d6 opponents who each take 3d6 exploding damage while 1d4 peasants weep at your sorcerous majesty!
12. The flames are magenta this time - 1d4+1 opponents take 4d6 exploding damage and time shifts 1d4 seconds either backwards or forwards!
13. All magic items in a 50' circle are instantly identified and go off at the same time. Everyone in the area rolls a d6, if you rolled a "1," then you die horribly as your body is rent asunder by devastating chartreuse lightning inferno!
14. Your flames are amethyst and crystalline in nature - burning 1d12 opponents for 3d6 exploding damage and lacerating another 1d4 opponents with crystal cuts, for an additional 1d6 exploding damage!
15. Your violet flames do 4d6 exploding damage to all your opponents within a 50' area that pleases the Deth Gods - the next time you roll on this table, you get +1 vorpal.
16. Your black hellfire flames do 5d6 exploding damage to 2d4 opponents. Additionally, the earth below your feet opens up and 1d4 demons crawl out of the chasm to serve you for the next hour!
17. Invisible fire strikes 2d6 opponents for 3d6 exploding damage, as well as, affixing them to the floor and walls as if they were caught in a spider's web.
18. Your vorpal laser beams of crimson annihilation disintegrates a single opponent.
19. Your vorpal laser beams of crimson annihilation disintegrate 1d4 opponents chosen at random!
20. The wyzard's spell does his choice of either selections 10 or 11 and the wyzard becomes a true deth wyzard, making him unrepentantly evil and giving him a permanent +1 vorpal.
21. Your spell turns the ground into emerald molten acid. All enemies must roll a d6. If they roll anything except a "5" or "6," they instantly melt into raw nothingness!
22. Same as above, except opponents must roll a "6" only to survive. Also, all bards within 50' shit their pants.
23. The wyzard has the power of flight and rains down 6d6 exploding crimson laser flames upon his enemies.
24. The wyzard does 6d6 exploding laser damage to all his enemies within 50'. Additionally, the wyzard frees a nearby ice princess who has been frozen in the frost lord's tomb for untold aeons.
25. 8d6 damage to all his enemies within 50'
26. A single flaming sphere of annihilation is summoned and slams into 2d4 of your enemies, annihilating them!
27. An azure inferno envelopes 2d12 of your enemies, doing 4d6 exploding damage to each one. Additionally, 1d4 fair maidens swoon over your vorpal wyzardry!
28. You become invisible for 2d4 rounds as indigo lightning strikes 1d12 opponents, doing 6d6 exploding damage! Additionally, your wyzard beard grows an inch longer!!!
29. Three flaming spheres of annihilation are summoned and slam into 3d6 of your enemies, annihilating them! Additionally, your penis grows half-an-inch longer!!!
30. All your enemies within a 100' area are instantaneously decapitated! Also, a dragon (either crimson or obsidian - your choice) offers you a ride, anywhere you want to go!


Thanks for reading, sharing, and commenting! If this and Vorpal Shade of Crimson are well received, I may include them in a future book.

Definitely give the original Crimson Dragon Slayer a look, and don't forget about the free PDF of Crimson Dragon Slayer 1.11.


Authored by Venger Satanis


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