Crimson Dragon Slayer Dice

Props to Scott Dexter for bringing my attention to some of the most unusual and cool-looking dice I've ever seen - the Black/Starlight and Red, Gemini polyhedral 7-die set and d6 dice set. Great name, too!

Some dice are plain, others are loud and flashy, then there are some that capture one's attention because they are subtly strange and wondrous. Well, these are of the third kind.

Honestly, they are difficult to describe. Gemini means they are two different colors: solid black and a midnight blue with both lighter blue and violet sparkles (starlight). The numbers and pips are red. If you saw them out of the corner of your eye, you probably wouldn't take a second look. But to see them up close is to marvel at their dark, crimsony specialness.

Until Crimson Dragon Slayer has its very own custom-made dice, the black and starlight with red Chessex dice are my personal favorites when playing the game of games!


Authored by Venger Satanis


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