Better Than Dying

I was interviewed by Dan Davenport today, the transcript of our Q&A can be found on his website.

During our conversation, we got into the combat system for The Outer Presence. It's lethal and usually over very quickly. That's what I like about it. Of course, it's not appropriate for every group or campaign.

For gamers valuing survival over an honorable death, I've come up with a random table of injuries replacing those pearly gates. Just saying a character has been shot or stabbed works, too. Optionally, this table might be swapped for unconsciousness, if the GM allows it.

Note that in most cases, results are debilitating. Characters won't be leaping to their feet and re-entering the fray... more like barely able to open that book nearby and start reading the Latin.

One last thing... if your result doesn't quite fit the situation, pick one that does. Healing time? Hmm, I'd say about 2d6 weeks, give or take.

Better Than Dying

1. Concussion
2. Broken leg
3. Fractured tibia, Sergeant!
4. Shattered knee
5. Broken arm
6. Slipped (herniated) disc
7. Sucking chest wound
8. Severed fingers (1d4)
9. Bloody gash down side of head
10. Throat cut (but miraculously survived)
11. Face slashed
12. Foot hacked off
13. Dislocated shoulder
14. Eye gouged out
15. Broken jaw
16. Hip injury
17. Broken ribs (1d4)
18. Calf muscle tear
19. Traumatic brain injury
20. Roll twice!


Looking for more game mechanics? Don't bother. This is where roleplaying comes in. The GM and players pretend that Heinrich just broke his arm. It's called using your imagination.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing! Next week, I'll come up with a companion random table called "Better Off Dead."


Authored by Venger Satanis


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