Alpha Blue Negotiations

Sometimes it becomes necessary to bargain with NPCs who know, have, or can do something that you need. Currency or intimidation might be enough to get what you want most of the time, but there's a 2 in 6 chance that money and/or coercion won't cut it.

[Damn, she's hotter than a planet with three suns!] Use this d20 random table the next time you play my sleazy scifi RPG Alpha Blue.

What Do They Want in Return?

1. Blue crystal
2. Personally send a message to someone
3. Buy them a drink or maybe even get them stinking drunk
4. Score them some drugs
5. Protect them from someone or something
6. Oral sex
7. Full-on intercourse
8. Arrange for them to get sex with someone else
9. For you to have sex with someone else
10. Transport to a nearby planet or maybe not so nearby
11. A piece of equipment
12. A percentage of the action
13. Use of your starship
14. For you to smuggle something into a restricted zone
15. An assassination
16. Information
17. Help with a particular job
18. Your droid
19. You to give your star-oath (pledge of loyalty) to them
20. To play you in a game of chance... 1) three-dimensional chess, 2) smuggler's quarry, 3) q'uay-q'uar, 4) zor'xa & artryx


Special thanks goes out to MoonSylver who originally devised this random table, which I modified a bit.

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Authored by Venger Satanis


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