Alien lifeform - K'zan

While this alien write-up could be used for any scifi RPG, the stats are specifically meant for Alpha Blue.

The k'zan are entities of colorful gas contained within amorphous membranes, typically red because the k'zan homeworld was red. Their homeworld was destroyed thousands of years ago, and so k'zanians roam the space lanes like intergalactic nomads.

Their culture is steeped in the various kinds of intelligence - theoretical knowledge, practical application, cunning, emotional intelligence, psychology, and esotericism. Characters playing a k'zanian usually get a bonus 1d6 when attempting a knowledge-based action.

While the k'zan respect the ungodly amount of metadata at the Federation's fingertips, they dislike its overreaching control over the citizenry. An old k'zanian proverb goes something like this - "What good is knowing if use of that knowledge is forbidden?"

Picking things up and holding them is extremely... problematic.

If "killed," a k'zanian has roughly 20 standard minutes to insert himself into a fresh membrane. Otherwise, his death is final. It costs approximately 1,000 credits to purchase a membrane in excellent condition.

Below is a sample k'zanian...


Health: 25 Armor: 0 Attack Dice Pool: 1d6

Special: The k'zan try to avoid combat whenever possible, using their knowledge to ease a dicey situation or divert physical violence away from them.


Authored by Venger Satanis


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