The Abstinence

"I calculated my odds of ever getting together with a Portuguese waitress. Mathematically, I had to do it, Jerry." ~ Seinfeld

With their blue within blue balls, the frema'an monk has learned to free himself from the oppression of sexual need.

Studies have proven that the average spacer's obsession with sex takes up an average of 69% of his neural functioning.

Think of all that time and energy wasted pursuing carnal desires! What could you accomplish if you gave up on getting some, altogether?

Once you've reached blue ball status, there's a secret technique the frema'an monks use to "get over the hump" so the body learns to self-evacuate its filthy-klorians. This vow of celibacy is arduous, yet grants the monk certain powers. Such as...

The Powers of Abstinence

* Intuitively knowing when someone is uncomfortable. 2d6 dice pool whenever he observes one or more lifeforms for more than a standard minute.

* The mind is sharper, allowing him to notice tiny errors in calculations. If someone has rolled a dice pool to work something out, the monk can roll his own 2d6 dice pool and use that instead.

* It's easier to learn foreign languages. Learn a new language in 2 standard weeks.

* Provide companions with tips on how to improve their performance within their chosen profession. Temporary bonus d6 given to companion to use whenever they're rolling a career-based dice pool.

* Additionally, it's much harder to seduce a frema'an monk. They always get 3d6 dice pool when resisting sexual advances.


This "profession" is available to male NPC lifeforms, but can also be taken by PCs either at character creation or if they train with the frema'an monks native to the desert planet Akockiss... better known as P'oon.

Obviously, if a frema'an monk has sex, he loses his focus and has to begin training anew, after abstaining from sex for several weeks.

Why can't women become frema'an monks? Well, plenty of females have tried to "get over the hump" of blue balls, but instead of achieving higher consciousness through abstinence, they just got stupid.

Thankfully, having sex will relieve her abstinence-related stupidity.


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This will eventually find its way into the third installment of the THOT trilogy series of sexy scifi scenarios for Alpha Blue.

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Authored by Venger Satanis


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