3rd rate fan-fiction crossover

'Sup, homies? Edgar Phillips Reitman here. Time to write... time to send your imagination into a galactic hell-warp of dark matter in the awesome cluster. Let's do this!

Grape Ape just got shot with an enlarging ray. He's striding through the cosmos, swinging from planet to planet, searching for the perfect banana.

Low and behold, Grape Ape sees an interesting banana shape coming into view. Remember those pinkish purple tentacles that kind of looked like eldritch penises in the movie From Beyond? Yeah, that.

The tentacles wrap around Grape Ape's throat, choking him out. On the verge of unconsciousness, a Star Destroyer in the shape of a T-Rex piloted by daleks shoots down the magenta penises.

Over the loudspeaker, Davros! "I have saved your life, my purple simian friend. You belong to me now. You are mine. I am your master... the master of all time and space, the very universe itself!"

"Oh, no you don't." says that one guy from that 80's fantasy tv show.

In a starship of his own, that dude rockets towards the Star Destroyer and shoots out a few photon torpedoes laced with dalekanium.

"Grape Ape, destroy him!" Davros commands.

Grape Ape, being really stupid, obeys his new master. He swats at the ship with his purple gorilla hands, blowing it to smithereens.

Meanwhile, those weird penis-like tentacles are interested in penetrating the dalek ship. Or perhaps it was all a dream...

The End


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