20 quick questions for your Alpha Blue campaign

So, Jeff Rients started something awesome that seems to have avalanched into a many-tentacled beast.

This is the one that started it all. Since then, I've seen 20 questions for just about everything under the seven purple moons of Torth.

Yesterday, I finally got around to printing out the Alpha Blue Campaign Manager sheet. I looked at the blank backside of the page and wondered what to put there... book and page numbers of useful random tables? Printing out a couple super-useful random tables that I know I'll be needing to reference? Pictures of NPCs or space monsters? A one-page space dungeon? Just leave it blank for more notes?

Then, it hit me! I could make a list of 20 quick questions for your Alpha Blue campaign. So, this is where I'm putting the prototype questions. Eventually, I'll have Glynn awesome-ify it so the thing will become the backside of the campaign manager sheet.

Here goes nothing (I really, really tried to cram everything into 20 questions, but just couldn't do it. That's why there's 23)...

23 Quick Questions for your Alpha Blue Campaign

1. What are the templars in this corner of the universe up to?
2. Where can a spacer get a decent Venusian Raspberry Root Beer Slammer?
3. Where can spacers get outfitted with blasters, body armor, vibroblades, polyester, mind-condoms, blue dreamers, and explosives?
4. What's the most active and notorious gang of outlaw space wizards?
5. What's the zedi order (Knights in White Satin) doing in this galaxy? Is there a zedi council - what are they trying to protect the universe against?
6. What are the dark zedi, zith lords, and Knights in Black Satin trying to accomplish?
7. Who are the most ruthless bounty hunters in the galaxy and who are they currently working for? Whom do they seek?
8. In what sector of the galaxy is Alpha Blue currently stationed? Who is the hottest Satisfier and how much does she charge per hour?
9. Who are the richest individuals in this galaxy? What makes them so wealthy?
10. Why is the Federation such a corrupt, power-hungry bureaucracy and where are they cracking down this week?
11. Which mercenary crew in this galaxy is the most likely to be contracted, and what makes them so effective?
12. If a rogue telepath is found out, where can they run to? Who is desperate to utilize their rare abilities?
13. What's the nearest planet being mined for dyrellamin (blue crystal)?
14. Is there any sector of space where starships are forbidden to travel? If so, why?
15. Where are we with the local peace talks? Which side is about to invade? Who's preparing for war?
16. Where are we with the local trade negotiations? Who's screwing who over?
17. Where's the nearest gladiatorial arena, space fight club, notorious gambling den, and place to stir up trouble?
18. Where's an interesting place that spacers can get laid? What kind of drugs do they have for sale?
19. What's going on with this galaxy's Assassin's Guild? Who's been contracted for assassination and why?
20. Are there any secret societies, cabals, or cults in the galaxy; what's their sinister agenda?
21. What's the strangest alien custom this galaxy has adopted? What are some popular slang words and phrases?
22. Who are the vilest crime lords in this galaxy? What criminal activities do they currently have their tentacles in? How easy is it to get a loan?
23. Where does one go to buy/sell/trade droids, clones, and starships? How much does a used starship go for these days? What about humanoid slaves?


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Authored by Venger Satanis


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